Responsibilities of a Referee Assignor/Coordinator

1. Recruit and compile a listing of all of your referees in your town/association
2. Evaluate and rate the experience level of all of your referees. The RISRC, TheSuperLiga and other referee coordinators can be of help here if your are unsure of how to do this
3. Assign all of the games that need to be assigned by you. Pay special attention to the skill level and age level of the referee being assigned to a game. i.e. probably not a good idea to put a new grade 8, twelve year old in the middle of a Ul2 boys game
4. A 12 year old referee can be the center of a referee of a U-10 game, and AR on a U-12 game
5. Establish a training, evaluation and development program for your referees. RISRC, other referee coordinators and other associations can be of help here
6. Delegate duties as often as possible
7. The referee coordinator does not have to be a certified referee
8. Be aware of game conflicts assigning games, ex: family members refereeing and coaching on same game
9. Register, take the test, pay your fee, complete 4 hours training, and recertify every year

USSF Assignor Responsibilities

  1. Each local association must have a certified USSF assignor assigning games for them. This person does not necessarily have to be the referee coordinator or a referee
  2. USSF assignors can become certified by attending a USSF referee assignor clinic. These clinics are offered as needed by the RISRC. Assignors only have to go to one clinic in their lifetime, must re-certify every year
  3. USSF assignors must be at least 18 years of age
  4. USSF assignors should pay particular attention to the fact that they not assign referees on games that there may be conflicts, i.e. family members, playing in the same age group, etc. Assignors should also be as fair as possible in assigning games and not give games primarily to just a few referees- particularly in the assignor’s family

Refer to section 4 of Handbook for more information on the responsibilities of an assignor/coordinator.