The assignor committee is here to assist you. Our goal is to have all assignors/coordinators certified and have knowledge about their position.


This website is used by all assignors, referees, assessors, mentors and instructors. We try to keep it current. We have updated our contact information. On this site you will find the Referee handbook, forms for mentors, league information and more.

This site contains links to all the important sites we use.

Game officials

Resource center

Coach red card reporting

Calendar of events

We have a referee page. You must ask to join the group. Here we post the most current up to date information. From referee recognition, new course updates, any law changes and more.

  • This is the website we use to track everything.
  • This is where you will register for courses. Make sure you your identity is in registration.
  • This is where an assignor/referee can view their record
  • Look at NEWS/MSG
    • Will have current information
    • Has articles on how do i know if i am certified
    • Referee abuse memo


  • This is new and can be located on the website on the right.
  • On this site you can find the assignor handbook; which are the rules that govern you.
  • The site is broken down to be very user friendly new assignors/coordinators and existing assignors
  • At the top select assignor enter your password and you will be able to see the assignor list and what is still needed to complete your certification.
  • You can enter your last name and search only your record will appear
  • We will be working to get the new referee list on this site as well

ASSIGNOR COMMITTEE email us with your questions ‎


League requirements

  • Most leagues require mandatory meetings so that you are up to date on all the new information that they will be using
  • you must sign in with the league meeting you are attending to receive proper credit to work for their league
  • Sometimes it is a grade 9 beginner superliga meeting and grade 8s attend – in this case they get league credit only

SRC/Federation requirements

  • You must register on game officials and sign in at every event to receive credit.
  • You must be on time and leave when it is over.
  • Arrival more than 15 minutes late – you will not receive SRC Credit but get league only credit (see above)
  • If you leave early a note will be put next to your signature and credit will be removed.

Why do we use SIGN IN sheets

  • People were registering and not attending
  • Class size is sometimes limited due to the size of location
  • People saying they went to a class but forgot to register but their friend saw them there
  • To keep it fair for all that do attend
  • To know what year you are using the in-service hours for


  • If you register for a course and do not show. (you are taking a spot that someone else could have used.) $5
  • To avoid the above fine go back into the course you registered for and remove yourself from the class this must be done before the class ends.
  • $10 per month for those that are late completing their requirements


  • Some of you wear more than one hat. If you are a referee and an assignor in most cases you can get credit for both by attending one class BUT you must register as a referee and as an assignor. It specifies in the course description as to who the course is approved by.

Requirements  to recertify

  • 4 hours in-service training
    • 2 -2 hour courses
    • Can be
      • Town hall meetings
      • Top 100 mtg
      • Superliga meeting
      • Assignor meetings
  • Registration
  • Payment
  • New assignors MUST take the course online

The certification is thru the Federation it provides you with liability insurance in the event you were sued.

What does pending mean on my record. One of three things

  1. Class was cancelled
  2. You did not attend class so you will notice a $5 fee attached
  3. It is awaiting approval

I have done all my requirements why does it still say pending

It is a manual process. Each individual record takes over one hour to approve. We must go into the referee’s/assignors record look at every course they took. Then go into the course and mark it met requirements complete this is a 15 minute process per course. ONce everything is verified and  complete it then gets put in a batch to send to the federation. Right now the SRC is sending certifications once per week. After Jan 1 it slows down. We get charged for every submission we make – hence the late fees to cover our processing fees that we get charged.

RECERTIFICATION begins Jan 1, 2017 to become recertified for 2018.

Look at the course listings regularly so you do not miss out on courses that are close to home. The state is broken down into 4 districts. Each district has 4 meetings to meet your recertification requirements. Note: classes may be cancelled if enrollment is under 10 as we have instructor and location fees to cover.

If your record shows green and says state/national approved 2017 then you are certified

USSF ID: 2009-0224-2967-4792

2017 USSF Registration History

Reg Type Reg Name State Grade Action Status Class Notes
Assignor KELLY MAURICIO RI N/A Pending 18507-ASI
Assignor KELLY MAURICIO RI 08 Recert State / National App… 16906 Met Requirements